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La Fleur Du Soleil

This guy is behind Riga Record Atelier - all-in thing for all artists, which are ready to release their music on any physical format. He helps to choose a right tool or solution at any stage of record release, and makes sure that your record will be the best from any point of view. Also, he is co-founder of Riga Record Dig record store and record collector for more than 20 years now. The way he chooses the music to play on is to fit the situation and crowd through the bunch of his own favorites in any genre.


Uncle Bundle: Uncle Rodion, Uncle Sampl3, Bombey

Long-time friends, producers, DJs, unapologetic vinyl junkies and intrepid explorers of the vast world of
non-mainstream and unheard music. The genres and styles that they play often cannot be defined
verbally and should be interpreted musically instead. The Uncles Bundle consider their performances an
experience – a passionate and unpredictable adventure that requires a great deal of attention to and
ease with musical diversity.
* * *
Uncles Bundle:
Uncle Rodion –

Uncle Sampl3 –
Bombey –



Peres performs since 2006 around the world… the world wide web, and sometimes at the local venues. He plays ambient, psybient, drum and bassbient, and dubstebient. His mixes are carefully crafted using unknown to the world sounds and beats. He also does not hesitate to produce his own music, which he enjoys listening himself. His special characteristic: bent over laptop when the music is on.


Sound Meccano

Riga based sound artist. Playing, composing and performing since 1999. Official releases on RX:TX, Cronica Electronica, Eiean rec., Flaming Pines and NABA Music.




Ukrainian born Riga based Dj will smoothly start at sunset and make your music vibe for all night. From the mild tech-house, we will rise together to the convincing progressive trance. Smile to your dance floor partners, as all of us, know something important.

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