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International music festival LABA DABA/GOOD NATURE

International music festival Laba Daba will take a place in the Ligatne Parish, University of Latvia conference and recreation centre ’’Ratnieki’’. Reggae, ethno-folk, rock, electro, and other world music will be played – the kind of music that brightens up the world and cheers up people!

Festival provides six stages in total and approximate 50 bands and Djs from all around the world. It offers activities for different ages and tastes – artist performances, games for children and adults, an interactive installations, films, dance studios, photo expositions, horse riding, sport games and competitions, nature trails of Ligatne, bicycling, and various creative workshops where participants will be able to express themselves. The festival will also provide a family friendly environment including a special stage and programs for children, as well as babysitters for the little ones and separate tent camp for families with children. Almost all actvities are included in festival’s ticket price.

The festival organizers, event agency ''Pareizā ķīmija'' and ''Radio NABA'' indicates that starting from this year the festival will experience a variety of improvements and additions: ,,We are planning to develop territory outside the festival, including a camp site. The basic philosophy of the festival will receive a slightly different pattern from year to year. The main idea about benign attitude towards everything around us will remain but the annual focus of the festival each year will be different. Each year will be dedicated to one of the world’s countries. Also there will be a brand new meadow of games.’’

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