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The main idea of the LABADABA festival is an unconventional program which continuously searches for and offers something new and unseen so far in the music festivals in Latvia.

The aim of the festival organizers is to create an atmosphere which would reflect the festival’s name. Therefore, LABADABA is a summer festival which is always characterized by a welcoming attitude towards people, events and nature:
GOOD human NATURE which is considerate of and does well to itself and its surroundings.
GOOD live NATURE which must be preserved.
GOOD, high quality music, entertainment and experience gained outdoors.

LABADABA is a whole set of feelings: preparing your rucksack, packing the tent, squinting your eyes in the sunlight, freeing your ideas, dancing, playing badminton, enjoying the music, accidental spill of a fuzzy drink in the grass, unexpected “hello”…

We would like to recall that this international music festival will take place for the fifth time already, and this year will gather more that 60 bands and DJs!

This year, the festival will take place on 4th to 6th of August in “Ratnieki”, Ligatne Parish, and it will not only offer good music and distinguished personalities, but also the opportunity to take part in various sports and art activities suitable for different age groups, also for families with children and corporate groups.

And, besides the organized events, we should not forget the “unorganized” beauty – forest which is located nearby the venues and bestows a good nature and special atmosphere upon the festival. Special (since it has heritage value) is also the recreation campus where the festival will take place, or the orchard which will – under thoughtful supervision – become the camping grounds for the festival visitors. The small pond will encourage you to give into quests for common interests. You are invited to come and see it with your own eyes.

LABADABA would like recall that the world is colorful, hospitable and free.

LABADABA – for people who make the world turn around!

See you there!

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